Our Intellectual Property Team

Jennings Strouss takes pride in the experience of its intellectual property attorneys in handling the full spectrum of intellectual property services, including the acquisition, enforcement, and defense of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, as well as related licensing, joint technology development arrangements, and litigation. Our attorneys also assist clients with their core assets, such as technology, brand, and strategic relationships, and help them navigate their unique competitive landscape.















David Brnilovich, Member, 623.878.2222, dbrnilovich@jsslaw.com
Fay W. Bidlack, Associate, 602.262.5826, fbidlack@jsslaw.com
Andy J. Chambers, Member, 602.262.5846, achambers@jsslaw.com
Jeffrey D. Gardner, Member, 602.262.5818, jgardner@jsslaw.com
Eric D. Gere, Chair, Commercial Litigation, 602.262.5944, egere@jsslaw.com
Brian Imbornoni, Member, 602.262.5947, bimbornoni@jsslaw.com
Richard Lieberman, Chair, Corporate, Securities and Finance, 602.262.5935, rlieberman@jsslaw.com
John C. Norling, Managing Attorney, 602.262.5882, jnorling@jsslaw.com
Robert J. Novak, Member, 602.262.2833, rnovack@jsslaw.com
Garrett J. Olexa, Member, 623-878-2222, golexa@jsslaw.com
Jimmie W. Pursell, Jr., Member, 602.262.5812, jpursell@jsslaw.com
Christopher J. Rogers, Member, 602.262.5962, crogers@jsslaw.com
Robert K. Rogers, Member, 602.262.5961, rrogers@jsslaw.com
John “Jack” Sestak, Jr., Member, 602.262.5827, jsestak@jsslaw.com
Otto S. Shill, III, Member, 602.262.5956, oshill@jsslaw.com
Richard C. Smith, Chair, Tax, 602.262.5972, rsmith@jsslaw.com
Paul J. Valentine, Member, 602.262.5940, pvalentine@jsslaw.com

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