Intellectual Property Experience

Jennings Strouss offers clients the full spectrum of intellectual property services, including the acquisition, enforcement, and defense of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, as well as related licensing, joint technology development arrangements, and litigation. We also assist clients with their core assets, such as technology, brand, and strategic relationships, and help them navigate their unique competitive landscape.

Our clients range from large international corporations to emerging businesses in a wide-range of industries. We also represent universities, industry associations, and research institutions. This broad base of clients enables our attorneys to understand and develop individualized services for each client, creating effective and efficient legal solutions.

Our team’s technical expertise includes encryption, cyber security, medical imaging, software architecture, data cache and database systems, microprocessors, optics, semiconductor processing and wafer fabrication technologies, cloud computing, advanced weapons systems, medical devices, supersonic aircraft design, automotive systems, business methods, avionics, credit and financial services, mobile devices, smart phone applications, and consumer electronics.

Jennings Strouss intellectual property services encompass the domestic and international aspects of:

  • patent, trademark, copyright, and industrial design prosecution
  • exploitation and enforcement of the foregoing rights through licensing, joint venture, sponsored research, collaboration, technology transfer, and other agreements
  • defense against the assertion of these rights through traditional and non-traditional forms of litigation
  • protection and transfer of intellectual property in relation to bankruptcy, mergers, and acquisitions

We routinely conduct audits to assess our client’s intellectual property assets, counsel on strategically developing and managing intellectual property portfolios, and advise on protection from third party threats. In addition, as a result of our extensive experience handling international intellectual property matters, the firm has developed a world-wide network of the best trademark, patent, and corporate lawyers in foreign jurisdictions to assist with intellectual property and related corporate matters.

Our multifaceted resources focus on maximizing the value of intellectual property to our clients’ businesses, and strive for effective productivity by training the client’s personnel to assume responsibility for asset management. When needed, we call on the skills of our practitioners in corporate, securities, real estate, finance, employment, and tax law to optimize underlying business objective.


Jennings Strouss attorneys are experienced in the selection, adoption and protection of trademarks and corporate names, and in the management of United States and international trademark portfolios. Our attorneys file and prosecute domestic and treaty-based trademark applications, and work with foreign counsel to prosecute national applications and maintain registrations in countries around the world. In addition, our attorneys also have considerable expertise in the areas of trademark licensing and merchandising, as well as the legal issues involved with advertising, branding, and marketing.


Jennings Strouss manages the filing of copyright registration applications across the entire spectrum of copyrightable works. We also assist with the procurement, transfer, and license of copyrighted works, and guide clients through ownership issues that arise when employees, independent contractors, and joint venturers contribute to the creation of copyrighted works.

When necessary, our attorneys are prepared to litigate claims of copyright infringement in federal courts, including claims related to the unauthorized use of software, internet content, music, news articles, sculptural works, and other media. We also help our clients determine the permissible quantity and quality of material that may be used without the permission of the copyright owner under the “fair use” doctrine.


Our attorneys are skilled in a wide-range of technologies, including encryption; cybersecurity; advanced weapons systems; optics and holography; software architecture; data cache and database systems; microprocessors; semiconductor processing and wafer fabrication technologies; cloud computing; medical devices and medical imaging; supersonic aircraft design; automotive systems; business methods; avionics; credit and financial services; mobile devices; smart phone applications; and consumer electronics. They are adept at generating reliable non-infringement, invalidity, and freedom to practice analyses and opinions, particularly on short notice. Our attorneys are also equipped to manage diverse international patent portfolios, as well as strategically significant individual patents and patent families.

Internet and Domain Name Issues

Conducting business on the internet puts new light on familiar legal issues and raises a series of new legal challenges that can change as fast as the technology itself. Our attorneys have experience in website development agreements; click-wrap and co-branding agreements; computer hardware and software development and licensing agreements; copyright notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; domain name selection, registration and disputes; electronic document retention and litigation hold policies; online sweepstakes, promotions and advertising; outsourcing agreements; and website terms of use, privacy policies, and message board rules and regulations.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Jennings Strouss has a proven track record in handling all forms of intellectual property disputes, both in the United States and abroad. We have represented clients in a wide-range of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret enforcement and infringement matters, including litigation in state and federal courts, and appellate proceedings in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We have successfully obtained injunctive relief against parties who have violated the intellectual property rights of our clients, and have also fought off attempts to obtain such relief against our clients.

In addition to our extensive trial experience, our attorneys are also well versed in alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation, which often facilitates the resolution of disputes in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We also represent clients in international intellectual property disputes, including managing multi-country litigation. Litigation in the United States is handled directly, while international cases are coordinated through a network of foreign counsel, of our selection, which we oversee and direct in various administrative proceedings and litigation.

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