Cybersecurity: Minimizing Risk & Responding to Breaches

Jennings Strouss attorneys Andy Chambers, Michael Kelly and Jimmie Pursell provide a high-level view of data breaches and their impact on businesses and consumers from a legal perspective.

The topics covered included:

Scope of the Problem

  • Number of instances
  • The impact on organizations by category and on public companies
  • Cost of a data breach
  • Types of data and entities at risk
  • Customer data: as it relates to businesses
  • System compromise

Regulatory Requirements and Preparing for a Breach

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Federal regulation
  • Common threads in federal privacy and security regulations
  • State laws
  • Industry standards¬†and best practices
  • Conduct an audit / be proactive
  • Insurance

Best Practices

  • Before a data breach occurs
  • Policies and procedures relative to data security
  • After a breach
  • Other non-data breach concerns
  • Digital safeguards in a digital environment
  • Physical security
  • Cultural security
  • Best practices
  • CSIS Twenty Critical Security Controls

For more information about our cybersecurity practice, click here or contact Michael Kelly.

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